July 18, 2011

Cheshire Home: A whole new year.

Last Sunday, the Social Service League had its first visit first visit of the year to Cheshire Home. This was the first visit for many of us new SSL members, including me. As soon as we got there, we were greeted by Sister Melba, the administration in-charge. She further told us about the basic needs of the home and instructed us to do specific jobs. Some of us had to clean the terrace, which had clogged due to the monsoon, while some helped dig a compost pit for bio-degradable waste. Some volunteers even helped in the workshop by painting articles that are made by the men staying at Chesh. A couple of the volunteers even helped a few residents with his studies.
Every volunteer contributed wonderfully in their own way. We had a lot of fun as did the residents. They were really happy to see us. At the end of it all, it still felt as if we have done only so little… But I plan to visit Chesh every Sunday and every visit better than the last one.
Sohail Gupta