December 5, 2010

Rural India, Urban French.

When I came back from camp, one of my French friends asked me how it was. I told him that we woke up at 5 a.m., dug for hours, slept on the ground and ate spicy food. Horrified, he said, “You enjoyed that?” “Of course, I did,” I replied. It was a great experience and I met amazing people. I learn a lot - how to throw gammys, how to participate in a ‘cock fight’, how to be a goalkeeper in a water polo match and how to try to sing a song in Hindi without understanding what I was saying, how to eat with my hands and even how to catch mud with my eye (which is not so easy, I was particularly good at this last activity).

What was funny in camp was that everybody kept on asking me, “What’s up Léa ?” Most of the time, I didn’t know what to reply with, except when I was passing gammys. After spending ten days with them, I can say that the friendliest people I met in India are part of the SSL, for sure.
Conclusion: Camp was a lot of mud…sorry, I meant to say fun, if you know what I mean."

- Léa Clouteau

Exec Comm note: Some jokes just can’t be explained. You’ll just have to make it for Rural Camp 2011!