November 25, 2010

Fun Factor

   The first few days at college were rather boring, if not disappointing. I was lost. We were just having a look around the place when I first stepped into the little SSL office and registered as a member, not too sure of how I would be able to help. At that time I was a bit nervous, now walking into the SSL comes naturally and I owe it all to my first SSL project - The Exhibition and SSaLe.

   On a normal evening when I was whiling away my time in front of the TV, I was asked to volunteer for the Exhib. I was hesitant but I still said yes. The next day we had a little meeting and suddenly I knew so many people! And amazingly, they knew me too! Ever since that day, I never felt lost again. We would be working till around 8 in the arches, laughing, gossiping and so much more. I kept going back to work every day, not because it was imposed but because I always wanted to. It translated into more fun than I had ever imagined. Getting to work on this sort of project in one's first month at Xavier's is honestly the best thing one can hope for. It gives you an unparalleled sense of belonging - to the organisation, the college and the people. The things we came up with in like such a short span of time were amazing.

   From brain-storming to actually making everything, it was just a beautiful journey! That’s when I realised, we have some of the most amazing seniors. Not remotely close to those typical scary, bullying ones you expect. They were warm and welcoming not only in the beginning but also throughout the Exhib and even after. The suggestions we put forward were always appreciated, and they’d help us make them better. They treated us wonderfully. At the end of the event they showed their gratitude in the form of a very cute hand-written, personalised note!

   Now when I come home early in the evening and while away my time in front of the TV or the computer, I actually miss the Exhib, the work, the staying back and everything else. I’ve met some of the most wonderful people and made the most beautiful friends, all while contributing to a social cause.
                                                           - Siddhi Pathak.

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