November 2, 2010

Outsider, inside. (Team Building 2010)

This is a piece written by a Xavierite who was an outsider w.r.t. the SSL but became an insider. 

   The Team Building Camp is a getaway organised by the SSL every year. It really is a brilliant initiative. The Team Building Camp of 2010 was a huge success right from the time the registrations opened. Out of a number of applicants, only about 40 were selected on a first come first serve basis. These included a mixture of students from SYJC, FY, SY and TY degree.

The most striking factor right from the beginning was the amazing cohesiveness and familiarity shown by all the members of this big group. Though Fr. Terry sat quietly, maybe revising all the tips and knowledge that he was going to unload on us, all the students in the bus had an amazing time singing songs, playing the guitar and even dancing!

   We reached in a couple of hours or so at the St. Xavier’s Villa. The Villa is a cluster of four buildings, three of which are dormitories while one serves as a mess and conference room. We had a session with Fr. Terry as soon as we had been assigned our dorms and finished with unpacking. The weather at Khandala was simply marvellous – slight rain followed by a cool mist and occasional glimpses of sunshine. I believe hardly anyone slept before 2 A.M that night. Naturally, I can only give you first-hand information of what happened in the boys’ dorm. All of us camped in one room and sang songs and played games. Even after we went to our respective dorms, you could tell that hardly anyone was sleeping. An advantage for us, the room accommodated 3 cots so we talked through the night.

   By and by, everyone slept and woke early next morning. A full day of fun and learning awaited us. A few campers had organised a walk in the morning after which we had breakfast followed by sessions with Fr. Terry. No words can describe the amount of fun had and information gained in these sessions. Fr. Terry was in his element, enlightening us on topics such as mixing with everyone, giving equal voice and importance to every member of the team to understanding our parents and family. He had organised many games emphasising the point which he was making and each one was different and as interesting as the previous.

   In the evening we had the Talent Night after dinner where each and every one of us had to perform something, anything. This just showed what true qualities of encouragement and oneness everyone had imbibed. No one was booed and nor anyone’s performance commented negatively upon. This really was the highlight of the camp. Fr. Terry performed too! He gave us a wonderful rendition of “Perhaps Love” by John Denver and Placido Domigo where he beautifully he sang both their parts.

   The next morning most of us slept much more than we had the previous day. After a homely breakfast, we had a few sessions with Fr. Terry followed by dinner and ultimately, departure time.

It really was a brilliant experience and I really enjoyed myself and made many new friends. Looking forward to next year’s camp!

                                                                                          -  Yash Gurjar, FYBA.

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