November 28, 2010

Life lessons

Just as every saint has a past, every sinner has a future. Here are my adventures on the matter. I considered the SSL weirdos, attic dwellers on the ground floor (blasphemy strictly in violation of the code) and overall morcha kind of people. I was no better being a science dude, fourth floor dweller (it would be an attic if it had a roof, that distinction left for the biology guys and gals). I spent most of my time huffing and panting, walking up the enchanted stairs to class and down, cursing the mornings, the 4th floor and Statistics.

My association with the SSL started in my second year because I was told that the Rural Camp was a quick and simple way to get a social service credit. So before deciding to apply for the easy way out I walked around to the office to confront the creatures that inhabited the room under the stairs. Man was I wrong about those people! There was a magic about the place. I walked out of that office after applying to be a sub-secretary at Project Care, a post I later got.

Rural Camp became my first proper interaction with the SSL, since PC would only come at the end of the year. It is an experience I will not forget. The QQ’s, the entertainment sessions, the jokes and the fatigue weren’t the memories I retained. It’s a feeling, this sublime feeling that one can’t describe, a feeling that is felt differently by different people but it’s a feeling that is just absolute bliss. You learn things without being taught, you see things without looking, you come back with empathy and compassion you never possessed before. These lessons in humanity were reinforced during PC.

I will always admit, I learned different lessons in life at different times and places and through this journey called life I will learn many more, but at SSL and Xavier’s I learned to be a good human being. To Father T and the rest of my ‘SSL peeps’, I will always be thankful.

- Akshay Thiagrajan.
SSLite for life

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