November 5, 2010

The SSL and I

   In the four years of my life at St. Xavier’s, this is the first time that I have been associated with the SSL. I met some of the most genuine people in college here. Among the plethora of organisations in college where one witnesses one-upmanship and power hunger, the SSL is a place where I have observed these sentiments the least, if not none at all. We have archetypes in college. There are people that are musically inclined, the photographers and the teachers’ pets, to name a few. However the SSL is truly a diverse group of people that welcomes everyone – painters and writers, the old and the new, with open arms. In my rather brief association with the SSL, I have realised that everything that is conceptualised eventually falls into place. For example, the two hour workshops end up having a full house irrespective of the publicity, as everyone spreads the word. This collective spirit is what drives the SSL. The leadership is enjoyable as nothing is ever imposed and flexibility is believed in. Like all other clans, the SSL sure knows how to party and have fun, especially the Exec Comm! (wink, wink.)

   Some of the most memorable moments of my college life have been with the SSL. One vivid image that comes to my mind is that of the children at Navjeevan hugging us and not letting us go. It takes just that one hug to keep them happy. Be it action or taking the initiative, the SSL has done it all. The Bicycle Collection Drive and projects like G. I. Joe are great initiatives that have been undertaken with a lot of passion. To me, the SSL doesn’t preach much. It just acts and sets an example. That has been the greatest lesson for me. I truly respect all those that are silently working for a cause. The SSL has many such heroes. If one needs to give an example of unconditional love, I have one: Aaron’s love for the SSL! His brownies, enthusiasm for Rural Camp and general ‘being there’ attitude is phenomenal!

   All in all, there is a selfish reason to be a part of the SSL. The Blood Drives, Project Care, the Exhibition: they just make you feel good. Many people say that there's nothing that matches up to the feeling of helping someone less fortunate. They're all speaking the truth. Being an SSL-ite uplifts you, and the people around you. Whether it's studying in Fr. Terry’s haven, chilling in our little ‘office’ or looking forward to an 11 day long, cellphone-free camp, I feel happy and proud to be associated with the SSL!

- Kshiti Gala.
Project Secretary, Workshops.

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