November 5, 2010

SSLite for life

   As I begun to write this a host of brilliant and the most amazing memories rushed past me. It really does feel like it was just yesterday. The SSL was always special for me. I knew about it heard about it even before I joined college. When you’re coming from a family like mine where almost everyone from your parents to your uncles and aunts who have been a part of the SSL as either General Secretary or well Project Secretary it gives you a complex instantly because you’re expected to live up to that and I had pretty big shoes to fill.

   I wasn’t instantly drawn towards the SSL. It was more like a direct order. So I did. Initially never really hung out there much. Then Rural Camp happened, and something magical took place. The reason I say magical is because I suddenly found myself doing things I would never thought I could. But I will get back to that a little later.

   What is the SSL in a nutshell? Well the answer is quite simple. Fr. Terrence Quadros S.J. The heart and soul of one of the longest running institutions on campus. Although now he considers himself old I would say he could still give any teenager a run for his money. What I think he’s been able to do with the SSL is quite amazing. The SSL is not, I repeat, not an organisation that does work and tries to change the world and make a huge difference. I believe it changes the people we are and in fact empowers us to take on and change the world. It has also introduced me to some really amazing people who I would otherwise have never met, people who have definitely made an impression on me.

   Rural Camp that’s where it all began for me actually. I went without knowing anyone. I was the only JC, that too in my FY, so it was kind of scary actually. But I came back a changed person. People always ask you how Camp changes you, what it’s all about. My own brother who will be going for Rural Camp this year asked me the same thing. I refused to tell him. Well it’s also kind of hard to explain. The best way to understand is to go for one yourself.

   Being Rural Camp secretary in my year was amazing, a lot of hard work I might add, but immense fun. The afternoon river sessions to the work in the pit and of course, the bogs (for those who don’t know what the bogs are have a word with this years General Secretary of the SSL Aadi Rungta who was Bogs Secretary in my year.). Then of course there are the Quotable Qoutes (QQs) which form a very integral part of Rural Camp. An example (Terry to another girl while working in the pit), “I will get behind you and give it to you from the back.” I don’t think he’ll be too happy I wrote that.
The simple food, those entertainment sessions and so may other things. Rural Camp somehow is a reminder of the way the rest of the world lives and an eye opener to all. It’s something I always looked forward to every year of college.

   As I wind up I remember Terry narrating another story to us all about a dream he once had. In that dream an angel appeared to him and granted him a single wish which was that hence forth he would meet only the most beautiful people. Well I honestly think that dream came true; through the SSL. I have to say that in my years as a student in college and a member of the SSL I have come across only the most beautiful people. The friends I have made I know will last for years to come.

                                                                - Keegan Crasto.
                                                                  Assistant General Secretary, 2009 - 2010.

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  1. Ah yes, Camp sure is an experience one can never forget. And Keego, you were the kid at the camp, and you grew up to be a fine young SSL sec eh? :P